Love Obsession


for cello, piano and six prerecorded cello tracks (2013)
Commissioned by Jeffrey Zeigler
Premiere: The International Beethoven Projects 2013 Beethoven Festival: Love
Duration: 10 Minutes

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Love Obsession imagines the relentless pursuit of an object of desire, expressing inescapable primal passions and their slow shaping of the human heart. That drive is represented by that musical singularity, the eight-note arpeggio, which is itself an obsession. Unrelenting in its evolution, the expression is fiercely aggressive though subtly subject to a steady, rhythmic process that ultimately resolves in a smoldering, quiet passion. This transformation, jarring in its abrupt juxtaposition, is merely a recasting of that same eight-note ideal, the musical image of love’s tendency to change and its possibility of ever deeper intimacy.

Love Obsession was commissioned by and written for cellist Jeffrey Zeigler. The electronic tracks were originally recorded by cellists David Cunliffe, Nicholas Photinos and Wendy Warner. Wendy Warner performs all of the tracks on this recording.

Love Obsession is passionately dedicated to Minkyoo, the love of my life.

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