for Violin and Cello (2014)
Commissioned by Sang Mee Lee and Wendy Warner
Premiere: Sang Mee Lee, Violin and Wendy Warner, cello (Septebmer 2014 Annual Cedille Records benefit at the Chicago Cultural Center)
Duration: 4 Minutes

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Eclipse is the embodiment of serenity, using as a focal point subtle, overlapping figures between the violin and cello. As the heavenly bodies coalesce, the points of overlap between the two voices increase, until the luminous process resolves into simultaneous song.  The moment is all too fleeting though as the voices soon diverge and journey separately once again.  This musical form was inspired by the image of two heavenly bodies slowly engulfing one another in a shadowed sum greater than their parts. Eclipse puts voice to that long-anticipated union that shines with a strange and profound new light.

Eclipse was written for Sang Mee Lee and Wendy Warner.

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