Great Reviews for latest release “Eclipse”!

Some great quotes from new reviews of my album Eclipse with Sang Mee Lee and Wendy Warner.

“Zupko writes in a rhapsodic, romantic post-tonal style, always disciplined and winningly musical….This is an impressive release by a talented and well-schooled composer who should be better known.  I look forward to hearing more.” – Allen Gimbel, American Record Guide

“This is very stimulating music, expertly performed. The composer himself is the pianist, impeccable throughout; the recording too is top drawer. A fascinating release.” – Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

“A wonderment of shades of color infatuate this fascinating composer’s music…this delightful introduction in my favorite chamber music form is well worth following by anyone interested in “what’s happenin’” Chicago way. Great sound to compliment the readings.”  – Steven Ritter, Audiofile Audition

“Zupko’s chamber music leaves me uncharacteristically speechless.. he sounds like a precocious cousin of some of our contemporary Americans, like neo-romantic Jennifer Higdon. But there is a compelling edge to his music that sets it apart from the likes of Higdon. There is a European ‘resistance’  present here….I intend to keep this album near the top of my listening pile.” – Bob Neill, posi+ive feedback

“Mischa Zupko is a composer who, in a new release, manages to address the starry skies and the adventures of love without falling into neo­romantic gestures that seem pat or overrehearsed…The pieces are compact without being terse, yearning without schmaltz…And it’s hard to imagine performances more fully capable of realizing this music.”  – Jay Harvey, Upstage

Also, check out this link to Chicago Tribune music critic John Von Rhein’s feature story on the album and other things here: