Eclipse Video with Michelle L’amour – release coming in July

classical-meets-burlesqueThe video that is being created with Michelle L’amour and Lavendar Cabaret Productions to the title track of my album “Eclipse”(available on Amazon and iTunes) has taken a bit longer than expected, but I couldn’t be happier that we took the time to get it right. The video is now complete and we are going into the mastering phase.  This should be released sometime in July.  Thanks again to all of you who helped fund our Kickstarter and to those who helped spread the word to make this happen.  I think we have created something truly beautiful and unique here and it could not have been done without your support!  A special thanks to Michelle L’amour and Franky Vivid for their creative kinship in this process and for helping to divine something way more beautiful than I could have ever conceived alone!