for cello (2014)
Commissioned by Wendy Warner
Premiere: TBD
Duration: 7 minutes

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Nebula hypnotizes as its opening seductive phrase, voiced by solo cello, emerges from and engages the void of silent space, suggesting an almost infinite arc of which we catch only glimpses. All subsequent phrasings pursue this model, growing in length even as the spaces between them gradually diminish. Meanwhile, the music undulates, absorbing an increasing number of artifacts that both propel the music and refract it in a kaleidoscopic way. Just as the swirling clouds of the nebula cool and ultimately implode in an igniting of new life, the music aches with that inevitable, endless gathering of intensity and its explosive release. A display of relentless virtuosity and vigor, Nebula both drives and is driven by that cosmic creation of new life.

Nebula was written for Wendy Warner.

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